Understanding the New Changes to the 30% Facility in the Netherlands

Understanding the New Changes to the 30% Facility in the Netherlands

Adapting to Change: Navigating the Revised 30% Tax Ruling for Expats in the Netherlands

As 2024 approaches, the financial landscape for expats in the Netherlands is set to change significantly. The 30% ruling, a key tax relief measure for international professionals, is undergoing crucial amendments that could affect your take-home pay and financial planning. In this post, we'll explore what the 30% ruling is, detail the changes coming into effect from January 2024, and guide you through what this means if you're currently benefiting from the scheme or planning to relocate to the Netherlands. Stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive breakdown of the new 30% ruling regulations.

What is the 30% Facility?

The 30% facility in the Netherlands is a tax advantage for expatriate employees working in the country. Essentially, it allows 30% of an expat’s salary to be tax-free, under certain conditions. This facility is designed to cover extra costs, like relocation, that expats incur when moving to the Netherlands.

Changes Effective January 1, 2024

Introduction of a Wage Cap

A significant amendment to the 30% facility in the Netherlands is the introduction of a wage cap. From January 1, 2024, the facility will be capped at a salary of EUR 233,000. This means that only the portion of an expat’s salary up to this amount will be eligible for the 30% tax-free benefit. This cap will be subject to annual adjustments to account for economic changes.

Further Tightening of the 30% Facility in the Netherlands from 2024

This section will explain the amendment’s impact on the duration and percentage benefits of the 30% facility in the Netherlands. Starting from January 1, 2024, the duration of the 30% ruling will be limited to a maximum of five years. Additionally, the application of the 30% benefit itself will undergo a phased reduction – initially, 30% of the taxable salary remains tax-free for the first 20 months, then 20% for the next 20 months, and finally, 10% for the remaining period. This graduated reduction in the tax-free percentage will have significant financial implications for new employees eligible for the 30% facility.

Impact on Existing Expats Using the Facility

Employees who are already enjoying the benefits of the 30% ruling at the end of 2023 will fall under a special transition regulation. This means that the new changes won’t affect those who have started using the 30% facility before January 1, 2024. However, if the application of the 30% ruling is interrupted, this transition rule will no longer apply, underscoring the need for continuous eligibility to maintain the benefits under the old system.

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What Does This Mean for Expats Considering Moving to the Netherlands?

Expats planning to move to the Netherlands should be aware of these changes to the 30% facility. It’s essential to understand how this amendment might affect their net income and budgeting. For high-earning expats, this change could mean a significant adjustment in their tax advantages.

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