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Are you interested in buying a property in The Netherlands? Make sure you have explored your options for expat mortgages and investigate which one suits your needs the best. De Hypotheekshop can help to get you the best fitting solution! We help find an expat mortage that fits your situation as an expat, while making it easy to get your mortgage in The Netherlands.

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Our independent mortgage advisors are committed to help you find the right home and mortgage. We are ready to answer any questions you may have.


How do expat mortgages work?

As an expat, we advice you to always seek professional advice. Not only because there are more conditions when applying for expat mortgages, but also because not every lender considers applications from expats. It is clearly harder for expats to find the right mortgage for their wishes, but with the right help we can make it easier for you, which results in finding a fitting mortgage for your situation.

Expat mortgages typically work the same as mortgages for regular citizens, but it does require more investigation for the conditions it has. You have to provide the mortgage lender with information about your income, debts, the property you want to buy, your employment agreement and more. This is typical for a mortgage in The Netherlands, but as an expat might require a bit more work.

What conditions do expat mortgages in The Netherlands have?

As an expat it can be quite the job to find the right mortgage for you. Especially as it involves more conditions than a regular mortgage. The three most important conditions that most mortgage lenders have for expats are:

  • You need to have worked and lived in The Netherlands for at least six months. Some lenders even require a longer stay, but the usual minimum is six months. While applying for expat mortgages, you also have to provide proof that you did.
  • You are an EU citizen, from Liechtenstein, Norway or Iceland or have a non-temporary permit of residence.
  • You have a Dutch bank account, which is the account that you will finance your expat mortgage from.

Some mortgage lenders do not offer more than 90% of your home value as a mortgage, while Dutch citizens can get a mortgage for 100% of their home value. By seeking advice we can help you find the best mortgage to finance your dream property for an affordable monthly payment.

Independent advice for expat mortgages

At De Hypotheekshop we find it important to offer independent advice to everyone, also to expats. We provide fully independent advice. Our advisors compare mortgages, mortgage types, interest rates and conditions of almost all mortgage providers. This way you will get the most suitable deal on the market, as well as independent advice and trusted, professional, and reliable service.

What can we do for you as an expat?

De Hypotheekshop can help you find an expat mortgage that has affordable monthly payments and favorable terms and conditions. We provide you with customized advice to fit your personal circumstances. In this way we help you find a solution that fits your needs and plans for the future. We will guide you through every step of the process.

An expat mortgage in 5 steps

There’s quite a lot involved in buying a new home. De Hypotheekshop supports you in making the right financial decisions – every step of the way. We are happy to help you!

Calculate your mortgage

Before you head out to find a home in the Netherlands, you need to find out what you can afford. To determine your budget it is advisable to see an independent mortgage advisor of De Hypotheekshop.

Find a property

A lot of our mortgage advisors collaborate with local real estate brokers. Real estate agents often have access to properties before they are advertised online. Or perform a quick search yourself on Funda, Makelaarsland or VBO.

Make a bid

Have you found your dream home? Then you can start negotiating. Think carefully about your maximum bid in advance. Also reserve money for renovation. And do not forget to include that the agreement is subject to financing being arranged.

Apply for a mortgage

Once you’ve had your offer on a house accepted, you have to complete a full mortgage application. Our advisors will deal with the money provider, check the paperwork, and answer any questions you may have.

Sign with the notary

Once you have found a mortgage, you instruct us to take out your mortgage. The official transfer of the house takes place at the notary. When you have signed the deed of delivery and mortgage certificate, the house is officially yours!

Buying a house in The Netherlands

After our financial advisors have informed you about the maximum mortgage possible for you, it is time to find your house in The Netherlands! When you have found your dream home, we can apply for your Dutch mortgage to finance your home. Be sure to always include with your bid that the agreement is subject to financing being arranged. Especially as an expat this is extra important to do.

Renting out your property

Renting out your property after you leave the Netherlands can be a lucrative option. A rental agent can help you get a competitive rental price and find trustworthy tenants with a good rental track record. To help you manage and monitor your property while you are abroad, some agencies provide extensive property management services. These services may include collecting payments, mail collection, keyholding, and dealing with emergencies in and around the house.  

Free orientation meeting

We heartily invite you to visit one of our shops for a free orientation meeting. During this meeting we get acquainted and discuss your personal situation. All to help you find expat mortgages that fit your situation in the end!

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