Buy a house in Veghel

Get a head start on the housing market in Veghel

Buying a house in Veghel: the added value of mortgage advice

Have you got your eye on a house in Veghel and do you want to know whether there is enough budget to finance the house? You can find out by visiting an experienced mortgage adviser. At De Hypotheekshop you are assured of independent and objective mortgage advice and you’ll quickly find out how much money you can borrow. In addition, we currently have an attractive offer for the Veghel region. This puts you one step ahead of your competition. Read on to find out more!

What’s the point of having purchasing guidance in Veghel?

When buying a home, you want to be sure that it is within your budget. Moreover, you’d prefer to buy a home without defects. That is why purchasing guidance in Veghel is so important. De Hypotheekshop provides independent advice and looks at what is financially possible. By mapping your current situation and involving your dreams for the future in this, you can quickly discover what your borrowing capacity is. Of course, we only take out a mortgage against a competitive interest rate and attractive conditions. For that reason, purchasing guidance in Veghel is an excellent choice.

Get a head start on the housing market in Veghel

Do you want to be well prepared and be one step ahead of other home seekers? Get a head start on the housing market in Veghel with our mortgage certificate and a purchase broker who can go out with you for just € 500. A purchase broker assists you in finding and buying your dream home. They know the local housing market like the back of their hand and can also make an offer or negotiate on your behalf. Moreover, a buying agent knows exactly what to look out for when buying a home. A good reason to call on the services of De Hypotheekshop.

Do you need professional help and support in your search for a suitable home in Veghel?
Let De Hypotheekshop assist you and ensure expert guidance and assistance. Advice is always tailored to your unique situation and you can choose from a wide range of lenders. Moreover, you always benefit from a competitive price at De Hypotheekshop. That way there is enough money left for the renovation or furnishing of your new home.

Buy a house in Veghel

We make a Purchase Scan together with you:

Mortgage scan with Mortgage Advisor at the office or via Home scan webcam with the Purchase broker by telephone or Now webcam you can enter the housing market with insider knowledge or let our Purchase broker play the purchase game for you. We now offer you this Purchase Assistance by our Purchase Broker for just € 1000. (normal rate € 2000)

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