Starter Mortgage

Starter Mortgage

First mortgage

Will you purchase your first home? Then it would be wise to learn more about mortgages to begin with.

A Starter mortgage is what?

For those who are making their first home purchase, there is a starting mortgage option. What types of forms are available? Which mortgage is ideal for first-time buyers? What is your starting mortgage maximum? We will offer you the answer below.

Which form of mortgage do you select?

The annuity mortgage and the linear mortgage are your two initial mortgage options.

Determine your maximum beginning loan.
How much can I borrow as a beginner? With our helpful tool, calculating your beginning mortgage online is really simple. Calculate your own first mortgage. You can always come to us for a precise calculation. The initial call is cost-free.

What separates a startup loan from a starter mortgage?

A starter loan and a starter mortgage are not the same thing. The Starter Loan is a supplementary loan for the purchase of your first house, in addition to your usual mortgage. It is a separate loan from your regular mortgage. You can close the gap between the cost of the home and your maximum initial mortgage with the starter loan. These Starter Loans are the responsibility of the Stimuleringsfonds Volkshuisvesting Nederlandse Gemeenten, and municipalities grant this loan subject to criteria.

Introductory loan and NHG
Do you want to choose security? the National Mortgage Guarantee, and then select a beginning mortgage (NHG). You will have a safety net that will pay off your remaining mortgage debt if you run into financial difficulties while the mortgage is still in force. Along with giving you a sense of security, NHG’s interest discount is another compelling argument in favor of choosing this. You can save 0.5% a year by doing this.

Angelo de Koning Hypotheekadvies
Angelo de Koning

Before 2022, if the house is valued no more than € 355,000, you can obtain a beginning mortgage from NHG. You can only finance a maximum of 100% of the house with a mortgage. The highest initial mortgage for 2022 is € 376,300, and you can finance 106% of the home’s value if you decide to include energy-saving measures in the house. Then, you must be able to show that you will use the additional percentages for sustainable practices.

beginning in 2021, new transfer tax regulations for first mortgages
When a property is transferred from one owner to another, tax is due. In 2021, new guidelines for this transfer tax were released. Compared to the previous scenario, you have a sizable advantage with a beginning mortgage.

You do not pay transfer tax if you are under 35 and purchase a home for under € 400,000. The tax you would have otherwise had to pay can be avoided, saving you thousands of euros.

Starting mortgage comparison

You can choose the finest initial mortgage for your financial condition with the assistance of De Hypotheeshop. As an illustration, we examine your options for startup mortgage lenders, including your own bank. Is the starter mortgage from ING just as advantageous to you as the one from Rabobank? What additional choices are available? We are pleased to respond to your inquiries. We shop around till we find the finest startup loan at the best possible price for you.

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