Make your House more sustainable and your Mortgage

Make your House more sustainable and your Mortgage

Making your home more sustainable with solar panels

  • Insulation
  • A hybrid boiler using less gas
  • Solar panels can lower your energy costs while making your home more environmentally friendly.

increase the sustainability of your home? You can save a ton of money this way! With solar panels, astronomical energy expenditures are a thing of the past. Additionally, you enjoy making a positive impact on the environment. But where do you even begin? Speak with one of our financial consultants, get your home scanned, and see what is feasible given your preferences and spending limit.

Why would you want to green up your house?

Better for the environment is a home that uses less energy. Naturally, your energy bill also goes down. Making your home more sustainable also increases living comfort because it makes it less vulnerable to drafts and the cold. Additionally, you help ensure that the next generation has a better future. You have a significant impact on the fight against global warming.

Scan the area and learn about your alternatives.

Do you want to know what needs to be done to make your house more sustainable? Do a full house scan after that. Then we will take action and inform you in our report on what is feasible in your home, the associated costs, and, of course, the benefits to you. You can think about converting to gas and putting in and using a heat pump in addition to installing solar panels.

There are, of course, a variety of alternatives to solar panels, such as:

  • Changing or adjusting an old radiator
  • Putting in insulating glass
  • gas-fired or entirely gas-free boilers?
  • Insulate the floor, walls, or roof.
  • What about financial aid?
Expat Mortgage Advice

The creation of various subsidies is evidence that the government supports the idea of making your home more environmentally friendly. The government makes use of a so-called Energy Subsidy Guide for this. It is immediately apparent which federal, state, provincial, and local loans and incentives are available to make your home more environmentally friendly. The ISDE is a well-known subsidy (investment subsidy for sustainable energy and energy saving). Additionally, the tax authorities will allow you to claim the VAT you paid on solar panel installation and purchase. Does your home have insulation? Labor costs associated with the installation of insulating materials are subject to a reduced VAT rate of 9%.

Assigning all jobs to a professional

Do you want to discover how effective the solar panels on your home’s roof are? Do you want to immediately begin insulating your house? Find out the costs and whether you’re eligible for any subsidies while letting a specialist explain and guide you. Therefore, get a scan of your home-made and get pertinent recommendations from a knowledgeable specialist.

Mortgage Sustainability Tip:

Most lenders will allow you to obtain a bigger mortgage if you plan to make more sustainable decisions.

up to 6% of the home’s market value, but no more than €9,000. For example, in a typical single-family home, €9,000 gets you 10 solar panels, cavity wall insulation, and floor insulation.

This can be up to €15,000 for a home with an ECP0 or lower without this guarantee; however, this can be up to €25,000 for a home with an ECP0 or lower with an energy performance guarantee.

For funding the sustainability of your home, we offer a variety of different possibilities.

  • beneficial to the environment.
  • increase the value of your home.
  • Reduce your ongoing energy expenses.
  • How do you afford to make your home more environmentally friendly?

Do you wish to reduce your home’s high energy costs and make it more environmentally friendly? Or is it your stated intention to make your house future-ready? There are numerous financial choices available to help you achieve your sustainable goals. What choices are available?

  • Deposit your own funds: Be mindful that your reserve is shrinking!
  • Increasing your mortgage is an option if there is equity and energy-saving measures are involved. This might amount to up to 106% of the value of your house.
  • Transferring your mortgage is an intriguing option, especially when the fixed-rate period is about to expire.
  • Take out a loan. These can be personal loans or sustainable loans offered by the government with low interest rates (such as the Energy Saving Loan and Sustainability Loan). Additionally, when submitting a tax return, the interest is frequently tax deductible.

What is the sustainability return?

Do you intend to live sustainably in your home? In the long run, it always produces an alluring return. The yield increases in interest as the insulation quality increases. In any event, sustainability demands a sizable initial financial outlay. Fortunately, you gain a tax advantage right away because you occasionally receive the VAT amount returned (for solar panels, for example) or get to take advantage of the low VAT rate of 9.5%. Additionally, the interest rate on sustainable loans is highly alluring.

Obtain guidance regarding green loans.

Do you want to fund the renovation with a personal loan or a sustainable loan from the government to make your home more sustainable? Choose independent financial guidance and receive complete information from a professional. The De Hypotheekshop is at home in the financial market and is delighted to inform you of the sustainability options that are financially feasible. Of course, we’ll also talk about other options, like raising or refinancing your mortgage.

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