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Are you an expat interest in buying a house in the Netherlands? Buying a property is considered a good financial investment. However, there are a lot of things to take into account. To get a mortgage in the Netherlands, professional help is required. De Hypotheekshop Dordrecht Stadspolders specializes in expat mortgages.

Mortgages in the Netherlands

There are no restrictions on expats getting a mortgage in the Netherlands. Dutch mortgages are capped at 100% of the property value. You will need additional budget to pay for costs and fees. De Hypotheekshop Dordrecht Stadspolders can help you find a mortgage loan that has affordable monthly payments as well as favorable terms and conditions. We provide fully independent advice and compare mortgage types to choose from, interest rates and conditions of nearly all mortgage providers.

Renting out your property after you return home

Expats can purchase a house in the Netherlands, whether they remain residents or live abroad. Renting out your property after you return home can be a lucrative option. A rental agent can help you get a competitive rental price and find trustworthy tenants with a good rental track record. To help you manage and monitor your property while you are abroad, some agencies provide extensive property management services.

Free orientation meeting

We invite you to plan a free orientation meeting or call with De Hypotheekshop Dordrecht Stadspolders. During this meeting or call we discuss your wishes and personal situation. We will also discuss the steps required to realize your plans and the costs for mortgage advice

De Hypotheekshop Dordrechts Stadspolders helps you face the difficulties as an expat when buying a home. Are you an expat and looking for help with buying a home? Make an appointment now!

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