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It’s crucial for your mortgage to fit your situation if you wish to obtain a new one or modify your existing one. At one of our branches, over the phone, or through Video Banking, one of our advisors would be pleased to assist you with that.

De Hypotheekshop Tilburg Centrum - Hypotheek Adviseur - Astrid van Rooij
Mortgage advisor Astrid van Rooij-Debets has been working as an Expat advisor in the North Brabant region for years

Step 1: Mortgage Advice.

Are you considering refinancing your mortgage or purchasing a home in The Netherlands?
Get the best price on Dutch mortgages with the assistance of our knowledgeable expat mortgage advisors.
We provide individualized mortgage guidance that is fully in your best interests for a fair price.
Find out how much you can borrow for a mortgage and discuss your alternatives with one of our mortgage consultants in a free, no-obligation consultation.

Aan en Verkoopmakelaar de Hypotheekshop
Vivian van Loo Purchanging broker: Are you trying to find your ideal house?
but are unsure about where to begin or how to proceed?
Vivian van Loo is an expert at overseeing real estate transactions.
She can save you money by acting as your purchasing agent because she is familiar with the market in The Netherlands and the surrounding region.

Step 2: Finding a property

When looking for the ideal residence, there are essentially two possibilities:

  1. You can conduct your own searches on specialized websites like Funda or Pararius and schedule your own appointments.
  2. You make immediate contact with a Vivian van Loo, We advise you to do this because she has access to an intranet where goods are available before they are displayed on the major search websites. Vivian will alert you to any homes that meet your requirements based on your profile. She schedules the appointments and gives you the complete service for each item you want to see.

Step 3: Making a house purchase and bid

The most obvious choice is to haggle over the property’s price. To do this, you must be aware of your spending cap and the home’s estimated value. After deciding on your range of options, present the sales broker with a starting bid. This can be done verbally, in writing, via email, or occasionally even through the sales broker’s website. Always include your bid in an email so you have it in plain text.

If you’re fortunate, your offer will be approved right away. However, the seller typically presents a counter offer. You are now engaged in negotiation. It may take a few days for the parties to reach an understanding regarding the terms and price of the house purchase (or it is clear that they cannot come to an agreement).

Note: The seller should be drawn to your starting bid if it’s intriguing enough. However, it shouldn’t be so low that you are unable to bargain. You can agree on a price and other terms in addition to it. Consider resolutive criteria like a finance reservation, an inspection reservation, the transfer date, or the expense of upkeep and repair.

Step 4: Completing your mortgage application

Is the mortgage advice to your entire satisfaction? After that, the advisor will begin the application process for the mortgage offer.
You review the quotation with the advisor as soon as it is received so that you are aware of its contents. Following the offer’s signature, begin gathering the necessary mortgage documents. The advisor and the bank come to an agreement on the signed mortgage offer and the paperwork.
The bank must then thoroughly accept your application, which will take some time. Patience….

Expat insurance advisor
Robin Reijmaekers Expat insurance advisor

Step 5: Taking ownership at the notary

In the Netherlands, it is illegal to transfer a home’s ownership without first hiring a civil-law notary.
The notary under civil law is impartial.
You can learn more about his role by visiting

What we handle: – In the majority of regions, we have agreements with civil-law notary firms governing the service provided to our clients, English-language communication, and the fees levied by the civil-law notary.

  • We have agreements with interpreters who are knowledgeable about the procedures the civil-law notary uses to transfer real estate titles.
  • On behalf of our clients, we verify the notary’s statement of completion.

When the (provisional) contract of sale is signed and during the transfer of title procedure, if necessary, we will be present.

What the civil law notary handles: • He drafts the purchase agreement (this can also be done by the estate agent or another party).
• He drafts the home’s deed of delivery.
• He drafts the note document.
• He has the information entered in the open registries.
• He conducts a survey (to establish, for example, whether the vendor is entitled to sell, whether the home is subject to an attachment order, etc.).
• He handles the transfer and payment of funds.

Make an appointment at any of our offices at your convenience.
The financial advisor will assess your position, outline the subsequent stages, and show you what the Dutch mortgage rates are.
The initial consultation is without cost.

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