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Before you start looking for a home, you will need to know how much you can actually spend. The best way to do that is to get prequalified for a mortgage. To get prequalified, you need to provide some financial information to your mortgage banker, such as your income and the amount of savings and investments you have. Your lender will review this information and tell you how much they can lend you. This will tell you the price range of the homes you should be looking at. Later, you can get preapproved for credit, which involves providing your financial documents (paycheck, bank account statements, etc.) so your lender can verify your financial status and credit.

De Hypotheekshop is the largest financial advice chain in the Netherlands (franchise chain). Anyone can go to an office of De Hypotheekshop for clear financial advice in mortgages, pensions and insurance. The advisors of De Hypotheekshop are independent and therefore not tied to a bank, insurance company or other financial institutions. De Hypotheekshop gives you tailor-made advice without obligation. They can provide you with the best expat mortgage in Eindhoven

Expats can contact our mortgage advisor Jeroen Smits for independent and personal mortgage advice. It is certainly possible for you to find a house in the Netherlands and find the best expat mortgage in Eindhoven. See link expat mortgage:

Partnership with DHVC Vastgoed

De Hypotheekshop Eindhoven Zuid works closely with the real estate agent DHVC Vastgoed.

DHVC Vastgoed will help you find your dream home! They provide you with expert advice so that you understand all the important aspects of the buying process. DHVC Vastgoed is a proud member of the NVM. NVM is the largest association of real estate agents and appraisers in the Netherlands. Almost 75 percent of Dutch houses are sold by NVM real estate agents.

Buying a house in the area of Eindhoven can be a complicated process for a foreigner. The language and the customs in our country are of course different than in yours. But don’t let that scare you. With our help as a buying agent we will make sure you’ll find your dream home. The low interest rates in the Netherlands make it attractive to buy a house. There are also no restrictions for foreigners for buying a house in the Netherlands.

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